Big Idea of the Series:

This six-week sermon series offers a snapshot of the book of Psalms, examining the different types or categories of psalms, as well as what they mean to us today. By focusing on the need for honest communication with God, traversing the range of human experiences and emotions, this series will encourage us to use God’s Word as fuel for both personal and corporate prayer. We can come to God with our hopes, fears, anger, and praise, knowing he hears us and wants to draw us near to him.

Week 1

The Psalms offer us wisdom for how to pray and how to meditate on God’s Word. We can come to God in prayer no matter what is going on in our hearts and lives.

Week 3

The Psalms contain laments, songs that honestly wrestle with doubt, grief, and pain. God wants us to come to him in honesty, even when it’s ugly.

Week 5

The Psalms point us to Jesus prophetically. Like Jesus did, we can draw near to God in moments of anguish by connecting to him through his Word.

Week 2

When we worship God, we adjust our perspective and see rightly who he is and who we are. The Psalms include songs of praise that declare the nature of God.

Week 4

The Psalms involve chapters of thanks that acknowledge what God has already accomplished in the past as encouragement to trust him in the present. When we choose an attitude of gratitude for what God has already done, it helps us experience peace here and now.

Week 6

The Psalms call for justice over evil. As believers, we can be honest with God about our hatred for evil, while pursuing justice in light of God’s mercy and sovereignty.