Big Idea of the Series:

Parents face more complex and challenging conversations than ever these days. There are plenty of resources on biblical teaching on hot-topic issues, but what about how to converse about hard topics, especially as differences emerge? As much as we might like parents and kids to always see eye-to-eye, the nature of generational differences and the developmentally necessary step of self-differentiation taking place at adolescence means that parents and teens may often see these issues quite differently—at least for a time. This four-week series will help parents focus less on trying to manage what their children think and more on how to communicate in a healthy manner (especially when disagreements emerge), how to respect differing opinions without sacrificing their own convictions, how to remain open to what their children can teach them, and how to prioritize their relationship with their child and with God above all other concerns. Both growing up and parenting a growing-up person can be quite the roller-coaster ride. This series helps strengthen the bond between parents and teens, so that when the ride gets bumpy, they can still hold on to one another.

Week 1

Keep your focus on your heart for God. When tempted to be self-righteous or concerned with behavior modification, consider how God concerns himself with our hearts and with the life that flows out of them.