Big Idea of the Series:

This sermon series encourages us not to wait to follow Jesus but to step into new life in Christ here and now. The Gospels share accounts of Jesus calling people to follow him, as well as teachings about what it means to follow him. This four-week series looks at some of those encounters and lessons and invites us to not wait until they are older, “better,” or out of options before saying yes to following Jesus.

Week 1

God has invited each of us to enjoy a deep, rewarding relationship with him. However, the choice to accept or reject that invitation is up to us. Should we choose to ignore or reject his invitation—even for a short season—the blessing meant for us in that moment may pass to someone else who will better appreciate it.

Week 3

Beginning a new journey or chapter in life can be exciting when we think of all the possibilities—especially when it comes to our Christian walk. But when life becomes difficult or takes us in a direction we aren’t expecting, the foundation of trust that is built in the early days of our faith will enable us to stand firm in our faith.

Week 2

God doesn’t want us to wait until we’re older, more mature, or have everything lined up in our lives before choosing to follow him. His wants to begin building a life-changing relationship with us right now, regardless of how perfect or perfectly messed up our lives may seem.

Week 4

The decision to follow Christ is one that will completely change our lives in ways we can’t even begin to imagine, and though it may include living through hard things, it also comes with the promise of God’s constant and unwavering presence.