Big Idea of the Series:

This four-week series looks at the beauty and sanctity of marriage by examining the roles of husband and wife, and the intimacy between the two as they grow closer to God. Marriage comes with assembly required, necessitating care, faithfulness, and patience between spouses. Our marriage day isn’t the beginning of a fairy tale happy ending, but the first day in a beautiful but sometimes challenging journey. We are all broken individuals, but together we can be objects of grace in and through each other.

Week 1

An ideal marriage’s foundation is not found entirely in a couple’s romanticism, but in their commitment to live a holy life according to God’s will.

Week 3

Being a good husband means treating one’s wife like a priceless treasure and protecting her at all cost.

Week 2

A wife is not called to be subservient in a marriage, but instead the couple through mutual submission are to model unity and glorify God.

Week 4

Intimacy in marriage is not a chore, but a gift from God that allows the husband and wife to enjoy each other.