Big Idea of the Series:

God’s Word reveals who God is and his purposes for believers, but we often struggle to engage with Scripture in a meaningful way. This four-week series, used in conjunction with Dwell, a Scripture-listening app (, helps modern disciples prioritize God’s Word in their lives. By using Dwell’s daily Bible reading plans, special features like Dwell Mode, and playlists curated specifically for your church community, interacting with Scripture becomes more than just another item on the to-do list. Focusing on practical disciplines like consistency, memorization, meditation, and group study, this series helps believers be informed and transformed by God’s Word.

Week 1

God’s Word reveals who God is. Scripture should be something we interact with on a regular basis, not just at church or Bible study. By prioritizing consistent time in God’s Word, the believer can be transformed by God’s love.

Week 3

Week three's service was not recorded due to technical difficulties. We apologies for any incoviences this causes.

Week 2

The blessed and steadfast follower of God delights in God’s Word. By intentionally meditating on God’s revealed truth, the believer grows closer with and more deeply connected to the Lord.

Week 4

Being new in Christ means living in light of God’s word.